IONMAX ION632 Desiccant Dehumidifier

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Air quality is important in any home but so is comfort and convenience. That’s why our ION632 desiccant dehumidifier is equipped with cutting edge technology and user friendly features. Enjoy the benefits of advanced design methods combined with a simple interface that makes all functions accessible with the push of a button.

The ION632 moves away from traditional compressor technology with a smooth running desiccant rotor. No greenhouse gasses are emitted so you can live greener while benefiting from cleaner air without excessive humidity. This feature also allows the appliance to remain quieter in operation when compared to compressor type unit.

Each unit is equipped with effective safety features that detect abnormal temperatures, a full water tank or a change in position (in case of unexpected falls). The auto restart function allows the dehumidifier to maintain nearly unbroken operation, even when the power is cut. As soon as power is restored, the appliance will turn back on and continue working at the previously chosen settings.

Many of IONMAX’s most popular features have been included in the ION632. The user can set an 8 hour timer or assist the household dryer with the laundry mode setting. The built in heater allows for better temperature control. This unit can remove up to 10 liters of moisture per day.


 "This is one of the best purchases l have made in quite some time. Our bedroom has a dressing room and en-suite off it and all 3 rooms have been cold and damp up until now. After just a few hours of running this device it's warm,  dry and cosy in all 3 rooms.  Unbelievable difference,  if you are suffering from rising damp and/or condensation in any room this is your immediate cure!" Sharon Davidson NSW

Why should you bring the ION632 into your home?


  • Can remove as much as 10 liters of moisture per day
  • Silver Nano filter instantly kills bacteria
  • Convenient 8 hour timer
  • Select 40%, 50%, 60% RH
  • Automatically shuts off when tank is full
  • Automatically restarts after power cut
  • Electronic Louvre with automatic swing
  • Hands free continuous drain option with hose included
  • Laundry mode assists with clothes drying
  • Quieter in operation when compared to compressor type unit.
  • 3.5 liter water tank capacity
  • Unit measures 41.6 cm by 18.6 cm by 52 cm
  • Ideal for larger spaces of up to 50 square meters
  • Includes 12 month warranty



What area does an ION632 cover?

The ION610 is rated for up to 50 Square Meters. So, if you are using room by room, then it will suit most rooms. It would also be suitable for a house or 2-3 bedroom apartment. Dry out each room initially, close door and windows, you can gauge based on the amount of water collected, how dry the room is. Then when all the rooms are done, put somewhere centrally and open the doors.
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Does damp / humid air really affect me?

You can tell if your home indoor air is too damp or humid if there is always condensation on windows, or you spot mould growing indoors. Excessive moisture in indoor air can have effects on not only your health but your home as well. In short, here’s how excessively damp or humid air can affect you: Dust mites reproduce in damp environments >55%RH People who suffer from Asthma, eczema and other allergies find that inhaling dust mite droppings can make their condition worse. Mould grows in damp environments > 80%RH Mould gives off mould spores (seeds) Inhaling these spores can lead to various health and respiratory conditions. A dehumidifier keeps indoor humidity levels at an optimum level (30-50%RH) and helps stop dust mites from reproducing and mould from growing, helping to maintain healthier indoor air and alleviate symptoms that occur from air that is too damp.

Does running a desiccant dehumidifier cost a lot of money?

Even though the wattage is high, desiccant dehumidifiers are actually very energy efficient. All energy that is consumed by the desiccant dehumidifier is returned to the room as heat, which can be beneficial as it replaces the heat that you would have generated from other sources such as heaters or radiators. Desiccant dehumidifiers also dry the air more efficiently, allowing them to operate at shorter periods than compressor based dehumidifiers (3.5 times faster according to tests at the University of Southampton) when removing the same amount of water. This means that they can actually be cheaper to run compared to compressor dehumidifiers. Furthermore, a dehumidifier can help to reduce your heating costs by making the air dryer. Dry air is much easier to heat than damp air (less water molecules in the air to heat up). In the long run, the money you save on the heating costs will outweigh the money that you spend on the dehumidifier.

How does a desiccant dehumidifier work?

Desiccant dehumidifiers draw air from the room over a filter, and then passes it over a rotating wheel that is full of a material that is used to adsorb excess water out of the air. In Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers, the material used is Zeolite. The Zeolite wheel then becomes saturated and needs to be regenerated. This is done when a heater in the base of the dehumidifier blows warm, dry air over the Zeolite to force the moisture out of the wheel. The Zeolite is now ready to dry again. The warm, wet air from the wheel hits a metal surface inside the dehumidifier, which ensures the excess moisture condenses and the water drips into the internal tank. The heat used during the drying process is then mixed with the dry air to ensure that the air that comes out of the dehumidifier is not just drier, but a few degrees Celsius warmer than the air that came in.

Does a desiccant dehumidifier need any maintenance?

No. The dehumidifier automatically regenerates the desiccant internally and you will never have to replace it. Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers have no replaceable parts, either. For the filter, just maintain the filter as instructed in the manual and it will be good for the life of the machine.