Customer Feedback


"Upgraded from an old compressor to a new Ionmax 612 and been breathing easier ever since!"  (DW in Sydney)

Thanks for the Ionmax 10N612 which arrived on Friday. I put it to work immediately and love it. 

It is so nice to have a modern dehumidified after my 25 year old one broke recently.  The Ionmax I received is so quiet, so light and so easy to program. My health and my home is now set to enjoy the low summer humidity in my home. Allison.


ION612 - Great product and does what it says it should! Brilliant for drying laundry.


ION610 - Fast Shipping. Great product, works well and collected the moisture from air.


ION612 - works extremely well after many weeks. dropped ambient humidity from 75% > 50%


ION612 - Absolutely rapt!


ION632 - Best product, ever! Should have bought it, years ago, would have saved ourselves a lot of aggro - discarded most of our clothing due to mould! Prompt delivery, best price!


Told everyone we know, this product is a must! PS If you decide to post above comments on your website, please don't publish our name/personal details. Thanks again, 10/10 for Customer Service.


ION632 Very Happy - Well designed, logical to operate, gets rid of humidity well. A good product.


The best purchase I've made in years. Solved all my problems with my mould problems in my basement. The air is cleaner in my entire home. Thank you...Hellene


Customer service was very helpful in choosing the right product, others that i looked at only worked at warmer temperatures, this one works really well at low temps, which is handy when you live in Armidale and if the temperature reaches double figures its a warm day , in the mornings you can have bad condensation problems...Tony


We are delighted with our Dehumidifier, it is exactly what we needed. Our unit is compact and efficient and we move it from room to room as needed. Very happy...Pat



every thing was fine.


The humidifier we bought is very good, really fulfilling its purpose.


Easy to chat with, very accommodating for postal arrangements...Danny


The process online was easy and arrived quicker than I expected. Not worth going from one store to another in search of the product. Price was very competitive. I really liked the fact that I could watch a YouTube video of the product. Thank you!...Karina


Helpful for product selection...Danny


Great product and fast delivery. Love my new IonMax Serene. I also have the IonMax 90 ( purchased a year ago) and have absolutely NO mould issues. Great products and great service. Highly recommended...Raya


After 6 months of use I am extremely satisfied with my dehumidifier.I no longer have a musty smell about the house.I would recommend this product to anyone living in a humid climate.


Love doing easy business, thank you...Lou


Great service and prompt replies to requests for information, thank you


I liked your video. You came across as a real human running a small business and im happy to support that :) ...Luke



very happy with the product, thank you, the video was very helpful!...K Peters



Great service. It arrived ahead of time which was a nice surprise....Ann



Terrific service. This is a second purchase (ION632) - first one (medium size) bought May last year. The largest size is now needed for a different area. Highly recommend this firm. Very happy with both purchases...Robin



Excellent product and shipping time was outstanding to regional QLD...Debbie



Early days yet as we have been using the dehumidifier for a few days only, but indications are that it is an improvement on our previous Altise unit (where the compressor failed after 5 years use)...Ray



Excellent service and product, thank you...Margaret



Communication was excellent



Very easy to deal with great products and good delivery times...Steve



Extremely happy with product (ION632) and service...Ray



IONMAX DeHumidifier ION632 is a very good product, very effective at reducing moisture. Fast Delivery, I would shop with Dehumidifier Online again. Thank You for all your help : ) ...Phillip



Keep up the great work !



This unit is wonderful, extracting large amounts of moisture in our walk-in robe. It great not to have the usually musty smell in that area...Sue



Excellent product (ION 138)...James



Very happy with my purchase. Felt heaps better the first few hours of it running in my home. noticed clearer breathing in Both nostrils and clearer thinking , more cleaned oxygen.... Slept better and woke without a head ache the next morning...for a change....also better able to deal with daily toxins/antigens in the air when out and about..mostly off the steroid sprays and sinus meds now....I believe the combo of filtering,de-humidfying, and Ionizing in one machine is the key... Thanks Heaps...Matthew




I moved into a small unit in the Blue Mountains at the start of summer which was damp and musty, with condensation on the windows. This problem will only get worse in the winter as it gets very cold and wet here. And, to make matters worse, there aren't any extractor fans in the the bathroom or kitchen in the unit which I rent. After looking at reviews for various dehumidifiers I saw that the Ionmax 612 was recommended by Choice magazine. I then contacted a few online companies who sold this unit and decided to buy one from which, happily, was a really good choice. I made a phone call after I unpacked it because the louvre had come loose during transit and I was anxious about putting it back (I'm an old lady!). Spoke with Sam who said he will organise another one to be sent out to me, and the existing one would be picked up. This was all done quickly and efficiently and graciously. How's that for good customer service! Consequently, I highly recommend this company. Last but not least, it is amazing how much water was extracted from the atmosphere - 12 litres in the first week. What I do now is open the wardrobe doors and drawers, and cupboards when the unit is operating as I believe this will stop any musty smells in these storage areas...C. Long



The videos and information on the website was very informative. I liked that the company specialises in Dehumidifiers. Delivery was prompt. We have used the unit a number of times and instantly noticed the change in air quality and improvements in feel and smell. Thank you.



Thanks so much, the horrible musty smell in my house has gone after using the dehumidifier...Paula



Great product (ION632) and speedy delivery:) v. happy customer...Nicholas



Very good information on web site. Delivered very quickly, great to be able to collect at Aust Post if not at home at time of delivery. Beats having to arrange an alternate delivery time a real positive. Quality product _ happy Customer (ION 632)....John



We ordered our purchase and the person entering it placed the correct address for billing address but left out the important numbers in the shipping address which = agro tenants through no fault of our own!...George

Admin: Apologies for the error, we have shipped a replacement



was amazed by the amount of water in the air.1.5litres in 4 hours, wow. No more mouldy smells. Was very impressed with the two day delivery...Louise



Customer Service was most helpful (and courteous) in providing how to use the dehumidifier and to answer later related questions...Vic




Would have rated it good or excellent if the product had arrived the first time. However the second dispatch was very fast and arrived with no dramas so that was very good. Thanks for your efforts. Hope you were able to find item 1 via Australia Post. Kind Regards...Lyndall

 Admin: Very occasionally Australia Post mislay a shipment, glad the replacement arrived quickly.



I found the perfect machine for my needs and use it often.



Great service



Sam was very helpful (ION632)....Jen



Entire operation from selecting to delivery easy (ION681)...Barrie


April 13, 2016

Excellent advice when I called to clarify what was the right product for my needs...Evan



Fantastic product, I am very happy how it dries my icing on gingerbreads, specially when we have a very humid weather...Adri



An easy to follow website with all the information needed. The dehumidifier (ION612) arrived quickly and is proving very efficient. We are much more comfortable and much less afraid of mould developing...Janice



Amazingly good product and first class service...Jake



The product was exactly as advertised. The after sales support from Andatech was also excellent. Highly recommended all round.



It works!!!!!!(ION632)...Lou



Very fast delivery and product is great (ION681)...Helen



Fantastic product, it is taking 4ltrs out of our walk-in robe in 24hrs - amazing



Delivered on time



Great website. Great product (ION90). Great shopping experience. Will definitely recommend. Just one small thing, the formatting of this survey web page is very odd on Safari...Andrew



Extremely pleased with the ionmax dehumidifier that I have purchased...Ken



Fast delivery, excellent product range. I adore my Ionmax Serene!...Donna



Like the product. The video was what sold me...real person, no gimmicks and answered most of my question....Matthew



Great service always, and super-prompt delivery always!(ION612)..Bruce



Great webstore, fantastic shipping...Matthew



Impressed with fast delivery :-) (ION612)...Tanya



No dramas buying from DehumidifierOnline!



Great customer support via phone helping me choose the item....lorea



it was a very speedy delivery :) (ION612)...Fiona



A very easy process arrived as stated works well so far.



Love the product too!(ION632)...Helen



We have 2 ION90's and they are of great help in easing mother's ENT conditions. She can't live without them. Very happy with the products and the service. If only... you can top up the tank with water without lifting and reversing the tank! (I have dodgy wrists :)) ...Aya



This is a great product - and thanks for the fast service!



Easy to use/order and fast delivery - I couldn't ask for more!



I was very impressed with how easy it was to order and take delivery of the dehumidifier in a couple of days.



I was very impressed with the efficient service.



The amount of moister in my house was unbelievable. Many Thanks...Sue

Works wonderfully.



Fantastic product, works a treat.(ION632)...John



I found the service really good and I am very happy with the IonMax 612 that I purchased. Everything was no fuss and no problems. ...Ross



Delivery and Product, excellent!(ION90)...Owen



I picked your company because of the good reviews and I'm glad I did as I have been really happy with the service and the product.



We got IONMAX DeHumidifier ION612 and found it's great for a small one bedroom unit. Very good unit...MTN



Surprised just how well the dehumidifier worked...Alan



It is a great product...Nicole



The dehumidifier was recommended by my daughter in law and it does the job for me.



It is the one I thought I should get. To get a second option I joined Choice and they list it as there top choice. Have now bought two...Kim



Found exactly what I was after. The Ionmax Dehumidifier is working amazing in my house! So much moisture everyday and the house air feels easier to breathe!..Kim



Shipping was super quick.



speedy delivery - excellent machine - removed a lot of water from the air in a very short period of time - keeps on working away.



We really appreciated the time taken to show us the product



Everything in dealing with your company was positive right down to delivery and tracking. Dehumidifier (ION632) was gift to daughter. She loves it. Would buy again form your business tomorrow. Cheers...Jeff



I was pleased with the products, the customer service . I bought these two units for my daughter who has a humidity issue at her house and they are just marvelous. Customer service also is very helpful...Alex



August 19, 2015

Great machine and quick delivery.


August 19, 2015

Thank you for keeping in touch. I still have a lot of mould to clean off the walls before I actually use my dehumidifier. It is taking a while as my back is not too good. My friend, however, is having great success with hers and I can't wait to set mine up. This should be within the next 2 weeks...Jula


August 19, 2015

Very Happy With The Dehumidifier.......and Very Surprised Just How Much Water it Removes From The Air(ION632)...Greg


August 19, 2015

Product is amazing!!


August 19, 2015

I found your website to be very informative and helpful in choosing a dehumidifier. I picked mine up from your house and I enjoyed meeting you. If I need another dehumidifier I will come back to you and I have already recommended you to friends(ION632)...Stephen


August 19, 2015

I was impressed how quickly the owner got back to me when I sent an enquiry about whether they had stock. Also product delivered very quickly. A good customer experience coupled with the best price I could find on the Internet. Thank you!


August 19, 2015

Good service


August 19, 2015

Excellent product at the right price with fast service. Couldn't be happier!


August 19, 2015

We thought the service provided was prompt and efficient and the dehumidifier is the best thing I have purchased this year.


August 19, 2015

My ION632 is absolutely fantastic. I am now able to continue working on my bath products without them reacting to the humidity in the air, which is a major relief! Thank you so much...Irene


August 19, 2015

The dehumidifier has drastically improved the humidity and eliminated mould issues. Best purchase we have made in a long time.


August 19, 2015

Great machine - it is making a huge difference. The service was exemplary...Denise


August 19, 2015

Extremely happy with the dehumidifier (ION632) and excellent service. Have recommended your company to family and friends...Jenel


August 18, 2015

Excellent service. Would appreciate if you had more appliances in your store. Its a shame that IONMAX 612 dehumidifier doesn't come with a temp/humidity gauge. I couldn't find one in your website. I had to order a separate one from aus climate. I would recommend you to add more products to your store...Jerry 


August 18, 2015

Machine works a treat - so much better than the really small machines. I run it for a lot less time and remove so much more moisture...Kathy


August 16, 2015

The dehumidifier that we purchased has been fantastic at removing the damp feeling in our house. It has also made it feel a lot warmer. Within the first week, we had emptied the tray at least 3-4 times. Am looking forward to seeing how it makes the summer humidity bearable!...Jenni


August 12, 2015

So far I'm very happy with the unit (ION632). I love the auto-resume feature after a power failure. I use the unit on my yacht in order to keep the mould at bay. I've had a dehumidifier (not the same brand) since new and have no mould on board whereas all my neighbouring boats do. I live in the tropics so mould is a continual problem - my nose is very sensitive to mould so it's an issue that I pay attention to...Tim


August 11, 2015

A very good product (ION612) you are selling. Comparing to the other ones we have used we would recommend your product and service...Tony


August 09, 2015

The humidifier (ION612)  works really well and we are very happy with it...Greg


August 06, 2015

We purchase our de humidifier and it has been so good. It runs well and has taken litres of water out of the air from numerous rooms in our house. We have only had it a short period of time and it has made a difference to the moisture on the windows and wall in the morning.


August 06, 2015

Delighted. Thank you. (ION632)...Christine


August 06, 2015

Thank you for your product. It does an excellent job. I am very please with what it does.


August 06, 2015

Customer service was excellent. The item we initially purchased didn't work in the room despite being the right size appliance. He refunded immediately and offered a different product for us to try, obligation free, it was excellent and we ended up buying it. Couldn't fault the service, excellent!...Carol


August 06, 2015

We are very pleased with the Ionmax 632. The website youtube videos certainly helped us make the right choice. Excellent service - thanks...Bill


August 06, 2015

Very pleased with my dehumidifier


August 03, 2015

Very good prices and good shipping time. Very happy with the dehumidifier we purchased.


July 22, 2015

Excellent and prompt service. Very good price (ION612). Thank you....Gary


July 20, 2015

Just wanted to thank you so much for shipping the dehumidifier (ION632), so quickly! It is amazing the amount of water we have already extracted from our house already. thanks again, regards, Jenel

July 18, 2015

I investigated products through my membership in Choice so I knew what I wanted. That simplified the purchase from the start.


July 16, 2015

Recommended our Son to buy one from you also..Malcolm


July 16, 2015

A good experience in purchasing the dehumidifier and it is working well.


July 16, 2015

The whole process, start to finish- easy and efficient. Am very satisfied with our products...Larissa


July 14, 2015

Really good service. the response to my online questions were thorough and prompt.


July 13, 2015

Easy and efficient...thanks


July 11, 2015

Hi, After an initial mixup with delivery (ION612) I received the dehumidifier and it has been excellent Very quiet operation and the amount of water it collects is amazing I am very happy with my purchase...Denise


July 10, 2015

Used choice magazine to find the recommended best dehumidifier and it was yours!(ION632)...David


July 08, 2015

Great quality product exactly as described. Have recommended this website to friends.


July 08, 2015

Easy, fast and efficient.


July 07, 2015

I found shopping with you easy and I have been very happy with the product I purchased (ION681). Thank you!...Kiran


July 07, 2015

We love our dehumidifier and can't believe it took us so long to buy one. Highly recommend it.


July 07, 2015

What a difference our dehumidifier has made is amazing. Living by the beach in a unit that's got next none ventilation due to the age of the building and design, we have been combating mould and dustmites as they unfortunately thrive in this climate and I was at my wits end having to throw away clothing, furniture you name it. The amount water that the dehumidifier draws out the back in our apartment is crazy. Have noticed that the rooms don't feel as cold after having running. Would definitely recommend to any one living coastal or that lives in a moist damp home or area in purchasing one. At least now I can show the real estate agents the effects of what poor ventilation and moisture is floating around in the apartment. Good price and speedy delivery:)...Amanda


July 03, 2015

Received the goods in a timely manner. Had a faulty device but the service to address was great.


June 27, 2015



June 26, 2015

Very, very happy with our purchase (ION612) and customer service. Many thanks...Sonia


June 25, 2015

Works a treat... I can't believe how much water is in my house!..Helen


June 23, 2015

Thank you for such an excellent product, as well as excellent and very prompt service. I'm thrilled.


June 22, 2015

Fast delivery to the Po Box. Thanks, great service (ION632)...Lloyd 


June 19, 2015

Staff were extremely helpful, professional and courteous


June 16, 2015

Very good after-sales service.


June 15, 2015

Thank you again for going out of your way to get my dehumidifier (ION612) to me!..Katy


June 15, 2015

Ion632 is brilliant albeit somewhat noisy. Has made the house comfortable again...Max


June 15, 2015

Happy with the product. It's exactly what I wanted. The damp smell has gone and the room feels much warmer as the cold air has been reduced. I removed the mould prior to purchasing the dehumidifier so will be interested to see if it returns...Scott


June 11, 2015

Hi Sam, On top of the great product I bought (ION 632), your correspondence with me was swift and helpful. Moreso, you price matched my product! Thanks again!...Anton


June 09, 2015

We are very happy with our Ion 632, can't believe how it has stopped the condensation on our windows.Couldn't believe how much water it collects overnight, would recommend it to anyone...R&S Burton Ruse


June 05, 2015

Online payment was simple. Delivery to Tasmania was within the week following purchase. The price was excellent, certainly the best I could find. The Ionmax ION612 dehumidifier does an amazing job working in cold Hobart. We leave it running overnight in a room that can get below 10C (closer to 0C outside), yet it collects a litre of water easily. Overnight condensation inside our double-glazed windows is almost completely eliminated. I would certainly recommend for service and the Ionmax as a product to others...Hugh


June 03, 2015

Love the dehumidifier(ION612)! It is working wonders! :)


June 03, 2015

Excellent service


June 2, 2015

Just want you to know we are delighted with our dehumidifier (ION612), works brilliantly & so quiet,  as well as very reasonably priced.

Thank You,

Don & Monica


May 23, 2015

Great experience and product (ION 612) we purchased is terrific...Peter


May 22, 2015

I will most definitely recommend both your product and your company. I have found Sam to be very helpful and service minded.


May 19, 2015

Good quality product, I ordered and it arrived within a few days. Very reliable company to purchase through...Sue


May 18, 2015

Dehumidifier (ION 612) works as advertised. Ordering was painlesss and delivery was prompt - a good experience all round...Carole


May 18, 2015

Excellent product and service thank you very much.


May 18, 2015

Thank you. We're very happy with our dehumidifier. You were extremely easy to work with...Simon


May 17, 2015

Very happy with the model we purchased...Anna


May 17, 2015

First night operating in my daughters bedroom 2 litres of water was taken out of the air, unbelievable, great product (ION 612)...Andrew


May 15, 2015

Delivery was quick. Keep it up.


May 15, 2015

Great communication by phone, speedy delivery. Excellent product...Alicia


May 12, 2015

We have received the Ion612 and have called him Buford, after the American Civil War general played by Sam Elliot in "Gettysburg". A real fixer! Regards, Alicia


May 11, 2015

Everyone was very pleasant and helpful, including the girls/guys answering the phones, Sam and his Son. Furthermore, I was surprised but very grateful to have Sam organise personal delivery of a dehumidifier to our residence, when the one ordered online was delayed. This was fantastic, as immediately following the heavy rains, and we were really in need of it. Thanks, and keep up the good work...Catherine


May 06, 2015

very fast delivery (ION 632)...Lothar


May 05, 2015

Prompt service and good product. Highly recommended...Lun


May 05, 2015

Great customer service. Love the demo videos on site - very helpful. Dehumidifier (ION 632) is amazing! I use it everyday :) ...Claire


May 05, 2015

We love the dehumidifier (ION 612). Very happy with it...Pia


May 05, 2015

Range is narrow but contains best dehumidifiers on market according to CHOICE.


April 30, 2015

Your website had all the information I needed and made the choice easy. The Dehumidifier works almost non-stop since we bought it and is doing it's job without any problems. Thank you very much!...Christine


April 30, 2015

Works amazingly well!


April 24, 2015

I had excellent after service assistance from Sam. Cannot thank you enough Sam :-) ...Stephen


April 22, 2015

I honestly didn t know what I was looking for to fix the humidity problem in 3 of my bedrooms, but after seeing your website and reading the reviews from past customers of yours, it was quite easy to settle on the Ion632 dessicant humidifier. I have already recommended it to a few acquaintances who are experiencing a similar problem as I am very happy with the ion632 s performance...Laurette


April 22, 2015

Just wanted to say thank you for the Ion 632 which arrived at 8.00am this morning.
I’ve had it running all morning and I’m amazed at the water that has collected so far.
Great, fast customer service and worth every cent for this awesome machine




August 20, 2015

The ION 90 Hybrid UV Humidifier is excellent


August 20, 2015

Second purchase


April 10, 2015

Excellent product, good service(ION 90)...Peter             


April 08, 2015

very pleased with the unit I purchased...Pat


April 07, 2015

The company was great in keeping me up to date on my order and very quick at sending it out. Very well packed and the dehumidifier is excellent. It's saved my house. I've just recommended the product to a neighbor who will buy it...Robert


March 18, 2015

I have already recommended your website to several friends over the weekend. We have only had the Dehumidifier(ION 632) for a couple of weeks and already we can feel a marked improvement in the environment downstairs. Thank you for your great service


March 13, 2015 

I am very happy with the purchase


March 05, 2015

Have not used the dehumidifier (ION 632) yet however, it is already to go once the cold weather hits us! Your product was recommended to us by an aquaintance who lives in the same area and has the same problems with wet windows. Anticipating much happiness to not have to dry off wet windows each wintery morning. We have tried so many things. Thx...Alyson


March 02, 2015

Good information available...Don


February 27, 2015

Easy to order. Delivered promptly.


February 12, 2015

Bought Ionmax Ion612. Very effective in extracting moisture from the room.


February 05, 2015

Fantastic service, great product, amazing price,we love it,in fact we are enjoying it right now. Many thanks...Alistair


February 04, 2015

Thanks the dehumidifier (ION 680) was well packaged...Mike


February 03, 2015

Works very well.Easy to operate.


January 27, 2015

Small dehumidifier suitable for WI Wardrobes, small areas. Larger model with different settings absolutely great;very efficiently removed a litre in 4hours, and is cheap to run. Definitely recommend!...Gillian



January 25, 2015

Customer service provided by Sam is what every customer service personnel should strive for. Not only that he fast tracked the order but he also delivered it to my front door when my order arrived in the late afternoon on a Friday. I will definitely recommend to my neighbours and friends...Cynthia


January 24, 2015

Very quick and easy and prompt delivery...Mary


January 23, 2015

Really impressed with the effectiveness of the De-humidifier (ION 612). We live right on the water on the Sapphire Coast NSW and have noticed a big impact on the reduced humidity in the area where we have it placed. We brought the full report from Choice before we went with this product and happy with the research from Choice and the


January 04, 2015

Very Pleased with the dehumidifier, we live very close to the sea and a river with lots of humidity all year through. At present there is lots of sea mist and humidity and it collects a full container of water every day and reduces humidity from 80*% to 65% in the three bedrooms over a 24 hour period...Lance


December 17, 2014

Good product. Good service...Leon


November 11, 2014

The dehumidifier I purchased was received in good time, and is working very well. My daughter is delighted with this appliance.


November 02, 2014

I didn't actually explore your website as I just followed a link from Choice. However, the friendliness and helpfulness (particularly after a small problem) have been a reviving experience after other online shopping problems. Thank you...Neridah


October 25, 2014



October 25, 2014

I just can't get over how amazing the product is (ION 632)!!! It has far exceeded my expectations. I am amazed by how much water I tip out of the bucket after a couple of hours. Very happy customer!...Alarna


October 22, 2014

Although I returned the purchase as it wasn't able to do what I required. Sam and staff were very helpful and happy to refund the purchase in full. Would definitely recommend to others...J.A.Kelly


October 17, 2014

I made an email inquiry late in the afternoon about delivery and it was answered within the hour. I was really impressed with this. Also the dehumidifier itself is awesome (ION 632)!...Nicola


October 15, 2014

We have already recommended you...Michael


October 14, 2014

This was all too easy. Especially with no added extras like tax and delivery.... the price quoted was the price paid. Thank you guys for a really simple and great service!!!! Oh and the dehumidifier (ION680) is working great too!...Jacqui


October 02, 2014

Great price, super fast delivery, and a reliable product.


September 28, 2014

Saving up to buy another... great product(ION 612) ... wish I knew about it earlier...Michelle


September 26, 2014

Very happy with service and product.


September 22, 2014

Sam was very helpful with follow up information...Ann


September 20, 2014

Simple to order and fast delivery. Thanks...Greg


September 20, 2014

The product is excellent and delivery was prompt.


September 13, 2014

I really loved how you guys where competitive priced (ION 632) and gave free shipping. I looked around lots to find the best price and while I could have got it a bit cheaper somewhere else they charged lots for shipping. So keep up the good work...Frank


September 09, 2014

Really happy with our dehumidifier purchase (ION 612) - hassle free shopping experience online...John


September 08, 2014

I was amazed at how much water the Dehumidifier(ION680) collected in just a few hours. I hope to upgrade to the next model when I can afford it. Thank You!...Margot


September 06, 2014

A quiet, compact unit...Jill


August 28, 2014

Thanks Sam for your prompt assistance and quick shipping. Cheers.


August 20, 2014

I appreciated the very prompt delivery.


August 20, 2014

Thank you for your prompt delivery.


August 18, 2014

Amazing product. Very happy with it and the service. Thank you...Alan


August 18, 2014

Your website is easy to navigate and use. Your communication ie updating order/despatch status etc is excellent. Delivery of the product was prompt. FInally, the dehumidifier I purchased (Ionmax632) is rather awesome...Jennie


August 17, 2014

Economical and efficient - an excellent experience.


August 15, 2014

The dehumidifier is amazing! Since I purchased there has been no re-occurrence of mold on the walls of bedroom. Also, I no longer have to deal with a sapping cold humidity when I go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning because of the amount of moisture it takes out of the room. It has been the best purchase I have made in a long time.


August 14, 2014

The dehumidifier and hygrometer that I purchased are working very well and helping me to lower humidity in a bedroom that doesn't get much ventilation. Very happy with this purchase...Kim


August 14, 2014

I went looking for a particular unit to buy and was satisfied with the purchase(ION632) here.Delivery instructions were followed. I was happy to the parcel was left in a safe place...Diane


August 14, 2014

Was good to find a smaller more reasonably priced unit(ION680)...Peter


August 14, 2014

The delivery was very prompt...Anne


August 04, 2014

Hi Sam, your product (ION632) was rated best on the choice magazine. This source is very trust-worthy that's the reason why we purchased from you cause you had the best over-all price on the unit. it's great that Aussie-post delivered to our door that was very helpful. Cheers...Ross


August 03, 2014

Great! Fast delivery, product as described, house less humid now.



July 31, 2014

The IONMAX Desiccant Moisture Control DeHumidifier ION632 has performed exceptionally well, sucking more moisture out of the air in a day than a couple of Damp Rids could do in six months...Greg


July 23, 2014

The service was fast helpful and informative. In addition the product is working very well.


July 09, 2014

Fairly straightforward process to place an order over the phone...Allan


July 07, 2014

Yay! My house isn't full of mould any more. And it's warm!!...Josh


July 06, 2014

Quick and easy. (ION623)...Melanie


July 03, 2014

Why didn't we buy one of these years ago? Our house is dryer and the kids are so much healthier. We are amazed how much water it continues to extract even when it hasn't rained for a week. We do find it a little noisy but we put it in the hallway on low without the louvres moving it is not disturbing to our sleep. Thank you!!...Michelle


July 02, 2014

I was very impressed with the service and the speed of delivery with Australia Post.


July 01, 2014

Excellent product and superior service. Very happy...Julia


June 30, 2014

Very prompt delivery - quite impressed :)


June 27, 2014

Good Product (ION 632), speedy delivery, well informed - thank you...Lucy


June 23, 2014

The price was reasonable and the delivery was very quick...Sari


June 22, 2014

We are very pleased with the Ionmax humidifer we chose for the bedroom of our son who has asthma and allergies. The price was good and it was delivered very fast...Liz


June 21, 2014

Found experience to be first class, delivery and product excellent...Ray


June 18, 2014

Best price I could find online and very quick delivery! 2 out of 3 of the most important things ticked off for me. Third would be customer service but seeing as I knew what I was after and didn't have any problems with the transaction I didn't need to test! Thanks!


June 15, 2014

Just to say I am delighted with my new humidifier (ION632). So pleased that I have ordered one for our son who is blind. The operation is so simple he will be easily able to use it in his home. Thank you, Margaret


June 14, 2014

We bought the ION612 and run it for 8 hours overnight in a hallway between 2 rooms that were having condensation problems in an old house. Fixed it! Very pleased!


June 12, 2014

Super fast shipping - ordered in afternoon and received the next morning. Impressive! thanks.


June 10, 2014

I purchased two more Ionmax Dehumidifiers for my two daughters after using the Ionmax 612 which I purchased from you previously. Everyone is very happy with these Dehumidifiers - thanks again for your excellent service, free shipping...Maria


June 08, 2014

I recommended you guys to one work colleague who bought the same one as me from you guys. A couple more friends are thinking about it and hopefully will be purchasing soon! Thanks x...Leah


June 01, 2014

Very easy to do. Good communication to let me know when the item was dispatched and arriving. Very fast too.


May 30, 2014

We have had our ION632 running nearly every day since we purchased it from you a month or so ago.

 What a great appliance !  We now wish we had bought one years ago !

 Our home had a damp musty feel to it until we started running the ION632….. now it feels dry and free from musty odours.

 Please pass this on to your perspective customers.

 Kind regards Noel Leonard


May 27, 2014

Great service. Thank you


May 23, 2014

It's doing a great job, thank you...Kim


May 21, 2014


Thank you so much. Very happy with the price and product… berard


May 21, 2014

Your website was easy to use and the service was super efficient! My dehumidifier is awesome by the way, can't believe how much water its pulling out of the air!! Thanks :-D...Kate


May 17, 2014 

very happy with the ION 90...Chris


May 17, 2014

Excellent delivery service.


May 17, 2014

Product is excellent. Removed mouldy smell from my ground floor rooms in days.


May 15, 2014

I received the IONMAX612 DeHumidifier yesterday, and I am absolutely delighted with it!

Co-incidentally, yesterday (14th May) was the first day that condensation had appeared on the inside of the windows this Autumn, so the unit arrived exactly when we needed it to commence extracting the moisture from the two south facing rooms.

The IONMAX612 extracted 500ml of water in its first 2 hours of operation and the same quantity again this morning in a 2 hour period. It is currently operating in another damp room and has extracted about 500ml in its first 2 hour session.

It was very helpful to watch the videos on your website to see how the IONMAX DeHumidifiers work and their size and shape in real time.

Thank you for your unbiased advice and excellent customer service. 

Please feel free to use my comments as a testimonial on your website if you wish.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Maria Faen

May 14, 2014

Everything, from the time I placed my order to the very prompt delivery was professional and timely!...Maggie


May 13, 2014

Thank you for providing such a fast and prompt delivery.


May 12, 2014

Fast delivery. Good competetive prices (ION632)...Noel



May 06, 2014

I found the videos on the website so helpful to decide what to choose. The product (ION612) is exactly the same as shown there.I always prefer to buy from a website which has real people behind so I can contact them easily if needed. great shopping experience, thanks...Samira


May 01, 2014

Very fast delivery service.


April 29, 2014

I have pruchased two dehumidifiers from DehumidifierOnline on seprate occassions, and each time they were delivered within two days - amazing sevice. Thanks for your professional service...Zane


April 27, 2014

overall it was a very good experience. your own version of product review was also helpful. thanks.


April 24, 2014

I couldn't be happier with both the product and the customer service - which was excellent...Steve


April 23, 2014

For someone sitting in UK to order online and have delivered to my friend in Ipswich Qld and it is delivered in such a short time is 1st class service, my friend was more than happy, the spirit world was very happy, the room was dehumidified (ION680) for next sitting, excellent service, great service Sam, thank you...Tom


April 23, 2014

I decided to order from you as the videos you provided were very helpful in making the decision of which model to buy. They demonstrated the relative size and noise levels of the different model which was very useful.You also answered any additional questions I had with a phone call. I noticed your price match but thought the extra between your price and the cheapest online price was worth it due to this extra old-fashioned customer service! Ordering was very easy and delivery was super fast and free. Thank you! The unit is already making our house less musty smelling and hoping it keeps the mould at bay this winter.


April 22, 2014

Your product (ION632) got a high rating from Choice. I was a bit daunted by the list price quoted there but with your special pricing it got into my ball park. It was a bit tricky finding you on the internet but once I located you it was plain sailing. I was blown away when Australia post delivered the day after I ordered. The dehumidifier has only had two runs so far and it worked well...Victor


April 22, 2014

Helpful service per phone. Product (ION632) seems to work well in the short time we have used the machine. In the coming winter when the risk of mould is greatest we hope that it will prove to be a good preventative method...David


April 21, 2014

The dehumidifier has been fantastic. Evens sounds like ocean so calming for everyone in our family. thank you.


April 15, 2014

The appliance(ION632) I bought online was delivered the next day and has been working very well ever since...Susan


April 11, 2014

 The Dehumidifier (ION612) I ordered yesterday has arrived already.

 Thanks for your brilliant customer service.

 cheers, Steve


April 09, 2014

Quick delivery. Great service...Gina


April 03, 2014

Very competitive price( ION680), very prompt and efficient service...Heather


March 12, 2014

The whole process was seamless with next day delivery. Simple.(ION612)...Richard


March 10, 2014 

Great item (ION680) fast postage even better than the identical one that it was replacing as this one is whisper quiet - I did not realise they are not suppose to be noisy as they are quite inexpensive and I use in my wardrobe Everyone in NQ should get one of these :) thank you... Agnes


March 7, 2014 

Like the advice on the strengths and weaknesses of the various machines, which helped me decide on the IONMAX Desiccant Moisture Control DeHumidifier ION612...which I am most happy with, so far anyhow! Appears to do a much better job than the compressor model that it replaced...Bruce



February 18, 2014

 I was really busy yesterday and could not find the time to advise you that my daughter was very pleased with the size of the air purifier so thank you for your kindness and very prompt respond to me.

I will always remember your excellent service and I even told my colleagues how happy I was dealing with you.


February 13, 2014

Too early to assess the effectiveness / value of the appliance (ION632) but the purchase was simple and the delivery prompt... Faye


February 12, 2014

Was pleased the the quick and efficient service and am very happy with my purchase. Has improved my sleeping patterns greatly... Andrew (ION60)


February 5, 2014

Thank you....I love the products, they are the BEST!  (ION90 and ION70).. Rita


January 31, 2014

Have purch in preparation for a move to an apartment with only aircon for heating and cooling. ITherefoe I dont have feedback on use of the product yet. But it operates well and i did enjoy the effect of the cool mist.. KH

January 2, 2014

Delivery was extremely fast - which was much appreciated



December 30, 2013

Very impressed with the prompt despatch and delivery of ionizer… Jacqulin


December 17, 2013

It works (ION612) in controlling the dampness in the underfloor area of my house!


December 5, 2013

Thanks very much for a great product! The shipping was unbelievably quick, and the product (ION612) works great! Josh


November 30, 2013

your service was fast and efficent the ion90 is fantastic exactly what we need so so much better than any steam vaporiser on the market ... Robert


November 24, 2013

Happily using dehumidifier (ION680) and it seems to be working as advertised. Thanks! Mike


November 17, 2103

I understand the product I ordered was out of stock nationally and there were extenuating circumstances adding to the delay ( a typhoon affecting the shipping from overseas etc) but I think you need to communicate better with the customers waiting on orders. I had to email you to find out what was happening and both times I received a reply however it would have been more professional to know that you were keeping me informed. The product itself (ION632) is great... Rebella


November 3, 2103

Thank you for the quick delivery and for keeping me informed. Great service. Well done.



October 18, 2013

I bought an amazing air purifier. Our room has since been always smelling fresh… Bullas


October 1, 2013

Prompt delivery, excellent notifications by email. Excellent product.


October 1, 2013

Delivery was super fast... Vanessa




September 24, 2013

Love the product



September 19, 2013

have recommend you to other people and they bought from you :) your people are very friendly and helpful product is great .....thank you... Pat Fagan


September 19, 2013

Very easy to get good advice. Quick response time to my questions. Quick delivery. i am one very satisfied customer... Chris Hollonds



September 11, 2013


Very pleased with product and quick delivery & follow up all the way till it was delivered. I will probably purchase another one in not too distant future… Belinda


September 01, 2013


One of the products I have is the Personal Ioniser. I use it above my pillow at night. It would be handy if the light on the unit was not so bright. Overall, I really like these products… Nino



August 26, 2013


Great service. Constant delivery update... which was fantastic! fast and effecient. (ION612) Thank you.... Kate


August 21, 2013

Product was delivered the next day and is working really well. We are very pleased with the result.


August 21, 2013

First class service...... would buy again

August 12, 2013

It seems to be working in reducing the dust!.. Andrew


August 12, 2013

Very happy with the whole process and the propduct. Thanks!


August 10, 2013

Delays in delivery caused by incorrect name; Robins instead of Robinson. Your staff were great to follow up and find parcel. Product (ION632) is great; working well... William


 August 8, 2013

I bought an IONMAX 60 and I'm very happy with it. I think it would be good to sell with at least one spare filter... Marina


August 7, 2013

I mentioned to Sam that his video demo of the product was a great idea and I am glad he looks after both his company AND the customer. Small things mean a lot. :).. Alan

August 7, 2013

fast delivery - cant fault at all.. Alan

August 7, 2013

The delivery time was fast as well . thank you.... Terry

August 7, 2013

So far so good easy to use - Dylan

August 7, 2013

Ionmax 680 Dehumidifier works great, is a great little unit & taking plenty of excess moisture in already... SB Cronulla

August 5, 2013

After a bit of research (choice website and others) we learnt that the ION680 was the best. I placed an order on Sunday and called the next day and picked it up. It has worked beautifully, and so efficiently, since. I'd recommend these machines to anyone... Emma and Peet


August 1, 2013

The clincher in deciding to buy from you was being able to discuss with the sales rep the relative merits of the 2 units for my situation. He finally suggested the smaller unit (ION612) would be sufficient. From there on, the whole process from ordering through delivery was very smooth and fast. The unit is now in use and performing as claimed... Roger


July 29, 2013


appreciated the additional 12 months warranty on my product- thankyou… Nino


July 29, 2013

Great service - amazingly good product(ION632).... Catherine


July 29, 2103

Very efficient unit (ION612). In the short test I gave it it took an amazing amount of water out of the air. Looking forward to not having mould grow on the bedroom walls in the rainy season... Jonathan


July 26, 2013

Very quick, easy service and fast delivery.  Haven't had to use customer support yet although I did send an email with a question and their response was immediate. I am sure they will be very helpful in the future if needed.  IONMAX632 is removing heaps of water and the mouldy smell that old houses get, especially in wardrobes, has mostly gone.  It's not very quiet but you can put it in a hallway or another room at night and you can't hear it.  Overall I am very glad I bought it and would recommend to others... Judy



July 24, 2013

Staff very helpful and prompt delivery. Product(ION612) highly recommended. Thanks.. Iliona


July 23, 2013

I LIVE ON PLENTY ROASD.pollution extreme,unit a great help… Colin


July 19, 2013

Dehumidifier is quite noisy


July 17, 2013

I'm very happy with the item I purchased (ION612) . I can't believe how much water is coming out of the bedroom areas, especially my son's room. The unit is quiet to run and the controls are easy to use. Great product and fast delivery. Many thanks.

July 17, 2013

Great product (ION632) and good service arrived within two days... Katheryn

July 17, 2013

Very prompt delivery and kept me informed on delivery status.


July 14, 2013

A great investment.


July 12, 2013

Item (ION632) has been running continuously since arrival. Humidity now in the low 60's, was then mid -high 80's. Don't think it will get to the 55's with the present wet. However, we are very, very pleased with results so far - the horrible mouldy smell inside our home has gone totally and mould is not regrowing (this was the serious problem for us). Emptying 3 - 3.5l each morning and evening. The running noise is noticeable but it is not offensive. Looks like we will have it on 24/7. It was the right buy! Thank-you.. Serge

July 12, 2013

Great machine (ION632) and is working well. transaction process was effortless and delivery was prompt Thankyou... Bill


July 5, 2013

Excellent, fast and efficient service...great product!



April 26, 2013 

Very happy with my new dehumidifier (ION612), with the prompt delivery and communication. 
Already recommended your website to my friend, who has problems with dampness. 
And best prices all through the web, too! Thank you!   Elena


April 25, 2013

Fast delivery.. Freda


 April 12, 2013

 I have already recommended you to someone!.. Helen



April 09, 2013

I am pleased with product and service. Thanks…Marion


March 27, 2013

My dehumidifier is working so much better than what I thought it would. In fact, I'd never even heard of them until my brother told me. And it arrived so quickly - thank you!!!.. Carmel


Thanks  much appreciated, Ami


thank you very much for processing so promptly, it is most appreciated!! Very impressive service, thank you. .. Sophie


Thanks for the update.

Fantastic after market service.

Only wish more online stores could follow your example.... Peter



Thanks again for the brilliant customer service provided. .. Manfred


Thanks for your very prompt response - much appreciated, especially at this time of year... Thomas


Thanks for your help, the service was perfect!.. Greg



Very quick, easy service and fast delivery.  Haven't had to use customer support yet although I did send an email with a question and their response was immediate. I am sure they will be very helpful in the future if needed.  IONMAX632 is removing heaps of water and the mouldy smell that old houses get, especially in wardrobes, has mostly gone.  It's not very quiet but you can put it in a hallway or another room at night and you can't hear it.  Overall I am very glad I bought it and would recommend to others

Just wanted to thank you so much for shipping the dehumidifier so quickly! It is amazing the amount of water we have already extracted from our house already. thanks again, regards, Jenel